Brevis and Aligned Layer Partner for Fast, Cost-Effective ZKP Verification on Ethereum ⚡️

Brevis and Aligned Layer Partner for Fast, Cost-Effective ZKP Verification on Ethereum ⚡️

We are thrilled to announce we are partnering up with Brevis, a smart Zero-Knowledge Coprocessor, as our first EigenLayer ecosystem partner. The goal is to allow Brevis to verify ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof) directly on Aligned to lower the verification cost of co processing requests while at the same time getting access to fast verification.

The Challenge: Through dApps building data-driven features on top of Brevis, it receives frequent proof generation requests, requiring cost-efficient verification in order to offer a great UX to end users of its ecosystem dApps. Currently doing the verification directly on Ethereum is gas-intensive. Solutions like aggregation can be used to amortize costs but come with a tradeoff in latency.

Aligned Layer's Solution: Speed things up! Brevis will be integrating with Aligned Layer to reduce verification costs and achieve faster verification finality.

About Brevis

Brevis is a smart zero-knowledge coprocessor that empowers smart contracts to read from, verify and utilize the full historical on-chain data from any chain and run customizable computations in a completely trust-free way. Using Brevis, developers can create a multitude of data-driven features — DEXes are able to build VIP loyalty programs based on a user’s past trading volume; active liquidity management protocols can trigger predefined user intents with ZK-verified on-chain states and events; AMMs can have strong LVR protection and more robust farming reward distribution programs; protocols can utilize multi-dimensional ZK-reputation metrics to segment users and provide a personalized UX based on an address’s on-chain footprint.

Dive Deeper into Brevis:🌐Website | 🗨️Telegram | 🐦X | 🎮Demo | 📘SDK Docs